Our Partners

Our Partners

Strategic Collaborations and Alliances

Fostering Partnerships for Mutual Progress

At ACEDA, we engage in strategic partnerships with leading organizations that resonate with our core values, aiming to bring substantial benefits to our members. Our objective is to cultivate significant relationships with these partners, working hand-in-hand to shape a brighter future. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration as a fundamental pillar for achieving collective success.

Keen to explore collaborative opportunities with ACEDA?

Contact us at: partnership@aceda.org

How Partnering with ACEDA Enhances Your Business

Enterprises offering substantial value to ACEDA members through sponsorship or in-kind benefits such as exclusive discounts, upgrades, and special access opportunities.

Engagements with non-profits, NGOs, and other organizations that share ACEDA’s mission and values, fostering mutual objectives and community impact.

Local businesses and organizations that connect with ACEDA members at the community level, offering support through sponsorships and in-kind contributions.

Businesses and organizations that support ACEDA events in exchange for branding visibility and business development prospects.

Partnerships with conference organizers where ACEDA participates as a sponsor, enhancing visibility at external events.

Local and regional companies engaging with ACEDA members, providing value through sponsorship support, and contributing to joint venture initiatives.


How Partnering with ACEDA Enhances Your Business

Partnering with ACEDA can significantly broaden your customer base and extend your international influence, offering an excellent return on investment.


Interested in exploring collaborative opportunities with ACEDA? Reach out to us at: partnership@aceda.org

Interested in exploring partnership opportunities with ACEDA?

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