ACEDA is the leading bilateral association in Australia committed to fostering entrepreneurship within the Australia-China business community.

Why you should join a ACEDA

Join the Australian China Entrepreneurs Development Association (ACEDA) and embark on your entrepreneurial journey with a supportive community by your side. ACEDA membership opens the door to a nationwide network of ambitious business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

We forge powerful relationships among likeminded entrepreneurs. We dare to dream big. And we learn from one another, evolving personally and collectively as an association.



Vibrant Business Community

As a member of ACEDA, you will become part of a dynamic network of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. This gives you opportunities to form new collaborations, gain insights and share experiences.

Networking Opportunities

ACEDA hosts regular networking events in high-quality function spaces where members can connect, collaborate, and form meaningful business relationships.

Member-Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits tailored for our members. These may include discounts on products and services offered by fellow members or ACEDA partners.

Resource Sharing

ACEDA promotes a culture of mutual support and resource sharing. This can range from sharing business advice to providing resources that can help members grow their businesses.

Business Development Opportunities

With our extensive network and resources, ACEDA provides opportunities for members to develop their businesses, whether it’s through finding new customers, expanding into new markets, or finding investment opportunities.

Educational Workshops and Seminars

ACEDA regularly organizes educational sessions on relevant topics such as industry trends, business strategies, and regulatory updates. These are designed to help members stay informed and ahead in their respective fields.

Upcoming Events 近期活动

ACEDA organizes a diverse range of events all year round, including seminars, workshops, webinars, and exclusive briefings for members. Details of upcoming events are listed below.


There are currently no events.

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Step into the world of infinite opportunities with ACEDA. Our membership is your key to exclusive networking events, knowledge sharing, and a powerful community that fuels growth and innovation. Expand your horizons and enhance your entrepreneurial journey with us. Join ACEDA today – the power to succeed awaits!