Becoming a member of ACEDA offers your enterprise a gateway to the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape spanning Australia and China. As part of ACEDA, you are joining an expansive and diverse community of innovators, visionaries, and change-makers committed to fostering the Australia-China entrepreneurial nexus.

ACEDA members enjoy exclusive privileges including an extensive roster of events, conferences, masterclasses, entrepreneur meetups, and access to digital content. Members are endowed with the latest market insights, training modules, and business opportunities, forming a dynamic platform where the entrepreneurial community can learn, connect, and collaborate.

What ACEDA Membership Grants You


How valuable would it be for you to connect with a group of 5-7 fellow business leaders, all part of ACEDA, who can offer you fresh perspectives and practical solutions drawn from their own real-world experiences?​

Mentorship Program

ACEDA’s mentorship program connects members with seasoned entrepreneurs for direct, impactful guidance. This initiative is pivotal for nurturing both business acumen and personal growth, embodying ACEDA’s commitment to its members’ holistic development. ​

Exclusive events

Offering a dynamic mix of regional and global gatherings, these events feature enriching educational programmes, unique worldwide explorations, and vibrant social events, fostering deep engagement among entrepreneurs from diverse regions.​

Global Exposure

Members gain unparalleled access to international markets, cross-cultural business insights, and a vast network of global entrepreneurs. This exposure enhances business growth, fosters innovation, and opens doors to new opportunities worldwide​

Leadership Training

Our program equips members with cutting-edge leadership skills, strategic thinking, and effective management techniques. Tailored workshops and seminars led by industry experts ensure continuous personal and professional leadership development.​

ACEDA Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts on a wide range of products and services from our partners and fellow members. These tailored benefits help reduce business costs and add value to your ACEDA membership experience.​

  • Acquire knowledge and skills to bolster your success in entrepreneurship within the Australian-Chinese community.
  • Gain timely insights into the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship and business policies through briefings by experienced professionals and key officials.
  • Tap into an invaluable network of members who have in-depth experience in entrepreneurship, Chinese and Australian business cultures.
  • Opportunities to connect with visiting entrepreneurial delegations from China, and join similar delegations to further your business footprint.
  • Receive support from an independent and respected advocate on issues that matter in Australia-China business relations.
  • Enjoy reduced rates for ACEDA events and exclusive discounts from our partners, boosting your entrepreneurial journey’s value.

Local narrative

Local entrepreneurial community ​

Deep Dive into Your Local Entrepreneurial Scene. Our growing network of local assemblies connects you with leading entrepreneurs in your area for monthly symposiums and peer engagement, fostering strong, localized community ties and collaborative opportunities.​

Virtual footprint​

Virtual entrepreneurial community​ ​

Expanding Horizons through Digital Connectivity. Utilize our virtual platform for regular Zoom meetings, connecting you with like-minded entrepreneurs beyond local boundaries. This initiative bridges distances, fostering collaborative growth and global networking opportunities.

Meet like-minded individuals 2-4 times annually at our exclusive gatherings open to all members across the globe.

ACEDA Member


666 $

General Membership

6 months free for the first 50 members

Opportunities to network with committees and new members through New Members drinks

Reduced member rates for ACEDA events and access to exclusive discounts from our partners

Access to a valuable network of fellow members through WeChat group

Invitation to attend international trade shows

1,666 $

Coorporate Membership

12-months free for the first 50 members

By becoming a corporate member of ACEDA, you'll gain access to a plethora of dynamic business networking events, entrepreneurial forums, and much more…

With numerous Chinese entrepreneurs and established businesses part of our ACEDA family, we facilitate opportunities for interaction, networking, and social events discussing up-to-date market trends and crucial elements in the swiftly progressing global economy

  • Marketing package valued at $3000
  • Invitations to business forums with top-tier economists, providing strategic advice for your venture
  • Regular briefings on community welfare policies
  • Exclusive discounts at ACEDA events and special deals with our partner retailers
  • Advanced business development opportunities

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Step into the world of infinite opportunities with ACEDA. Our membership is your key to exclusive networking events, knowledge sharing, and a powerful community that fuels growth and innovation. Expand your horizons and enhance your entrepreneurial journey with us. Join ACEDA today – the power to succeed awaits!