ACEDA Governance and Compliance

The Governance Committee of ACEDA is primarily responsible for ensuring the Organization’s adherence to its charter documents. This includes overseeing a) Legal issues related to the Corporation; b) The relationship with General Counsel; c) Audit responsibilities of the Corporation; and d) Resolution of both internal and external disputes.

Members of the Australian Chinese Entrepreneurship Development Association enjoy dual memberships in 1) the global organization and 2) at least one local sector, each being a distinct legal entity.

Key Policies

  • ACEDA’s Bylaws dictate the operational framework of the Organization.
  • Our Whistleblower Policy ensures that any violations of the Code of Conduct or other policies can be reported without fear of retaliation.

Financial Transparency

In line with our core values of trust and respect, and despite not being legally obliged, ACEDA commits to high standards of financial transparency. As an organization, we believe in open and transparent communication about our financial status.

  • While not mandated by law, ACEDA undergoes an annual audit of its financial records, accounts, business transactions, accounting practices, and internal controls by an independent auditor. This measure is an assurance of the accuracy and legal compliance of our financial statements.

For additional financial information, please [include a link or contact information].

Tax Exemption Status

ACEDA operates as a non-profit organization and enjoys a tax-exempt status under the relevant Australian laws, reflecting our commitment to public benefit and compliance with fiscal regulations.



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